Bachelorthesis - Interfaces in Game-Engines und ihre Kompatibilität

My Bachelorthesis is about the compatibility of Interfaces and Game-Engines, practically prooven and analysed with the development of an Interface in Flash with ActionScript 3 and imported in UDK (via Scaleform).

Singleproject: Worked with Adobe Flash Professional CS5, ActionScript 3, UDK 05/2012, UnrealScript

Open Flash Interface

View UnrealScript Code Sample

View ActionScript 3 Code Sample

Unity MiniGame

First Steps with Unity. Small and simple 3D Block-Game developed with C#

Catch the falling blocks by moving left and right.


View C# Code1

View C# Code2

View C# Code3

C++ Game - Blocky

Casual 2D and 3D Block-Game realized with C++ and QtEditor in 2D and 3D via HLSL Shader-Programming

Blocks are falling down and want to get clicked away if they have enough neighbours of the same color.

Teamproject: With the help of our lecturer

View C++ Code Sample 1

View C++ Code Sample 2

UDK Game - BlackNoise

3D Survival Horror Game developed with Unreal Development Kit 11/2011

Find the way out of a sunken ship with the help of a sonar. Walk silently and use the sonar properly, the alien can hear you! Download the installer here.

Teamproject - My personal responsibility: Interface and Save-Load-System coded with UnrealScript, Actionscript 2, Scaleform and Kismet

Open Flash MainMenu

Open Flash PauseMenu

Open Flash

View UnrealScript Code Sample

View ActionScript 2 Code Sample

Javagame - Hungrige Haie

2D TowerDefense developed with Java and Eclipse

Plant corals to protect your fish against hungry sharks during the day. At night the survived fish relieve stress and collect plankton.

For more information visit the website.

Teamproject - My personal responsibility: Interface (code and design), Website (code and design)

View Java Code Sample

Flashgame - Trainee Trouble - in cooperation with Bigpoint

2D Jump'n'Run developed with Flashdevelop and Actionscript 3

Lead the young trainee with the help of sun, water or wind through the dangerous laboratory and beware of wild robots.

Play online at

Teamproject - My personal responsibility: Different Levelelements coded, Website coded


View ActionScript 3 Code Sample

Artificial Life - Wator-Simulation

Wator simulation developed with Java and Eclipse

This simulation is based on the predator-prey (shark and fish) relationship named "Wator". I've added an AI which tries to find out the best ratio between the number of sharks and the number of fish.

Single Project

View Java Code Sample for Peaksearch

View Java Code Sample for Displaying the Field

Mini Serious Game - Castor-Wars

2D sidescroller developed with Adobe Flash and Actionscript 3

Escort a castor train to his final storage. The player has to click away the demonstrants so the way is free for the train to arrive at his destination. You might notice the changing environment.

Teamproject - My personal responsibility: Concept, Coding, Design of the Environment, Scoreboard

Play Prototype!

View Actionscript 3 Code Sample of the class Demonstrant

Flashgame - Electronic Pieces

2D sidescroller developed with Adobe Flash and Actionscript 3

Navigate a core and his swarm with the help of your mouse or your wii-controller through a world of obstacles which are moving rhythmically to music. Collect electronic pieces to expand your swarm and your health. Feel the fusion of music and obstacle movement!

Teamproject - My personal responsibility: Leveldesign, Obstacle-Design and Obstacle-Animation.

Play Prototype!

Javagame - Krazy Mazy

2 player puzzlegame developed with Java

Krazy Mazy is a turnbased 2-player game where both players have to control one character through a maze by rotating and swapping the fields. Both players have a different goal.

Krazy Mazy was developed in collaboration with Krazy Kindergarten.

Teamproject - My personal responsibility: Coded the Movement and Animation of the Character based on a Spritesheet.